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7-25-12: Worst. Website person. EVER. Sorry, folks. I really have intended to update, but I have been monstrously busy lately, and only a little of it has been writing. I’ve been in a play, five or six Third Thursdays (the latest one was Miss Molly’s Saloon… guess who ran it??), done a lot of local events with the theater group, marched in a parade… you get the idea. I have been writing, though. One of these days, I’ll even get around to putting up those extra freebie stories I’ve been promising for an embarrassingly long time. I so fail. I’m sorry! I’ll be better!

12-17-11: Yikes! I’ve been a bad monkey! However, my excuse is that I’ve been incredibly busy. Not as much writing as I’d like, but definitely getting my name out there. In fact, I just had the poetry equivalent of a rap-battle. I know, right? I think I distinguished myself righteously, but who knows? It was fun, if nothing else. On the business side, I should have a promo link up shortly with seven ridiculous answers to seven silly questions. Woot!

8-21-11: My editor sent us all a link to Kindlegraph, a site where authors can “sign” the covers of their e-books for collectors and fans. It seems pretty nifty, so as long as it stays on the up and up, I’d be happy to sign any requests. Have at thee!

8-12-11: After seeing the awesomeness of my beloved sister’s new site layout, I’m thinking about forking out some (tax deductible) dough to update my site to a more authory-type thingamajig. That, of course, leads me to think about something I usually try to avoid — my branding. An author’s site should, ideally, represent everything he or she writes rather than his or her personality. Of course, I write across the board, which is why I’ve shied away from the whole “branding” concept for… well… ever. But if I’m gonna spend the bucks on a professional site, I’d better darn well make sure it’s money well spent, so I’mma have to think long and hard about what makes my content unique. And then exploit the hell out of it. Heheh. Woot! More to come!

6-18-11: Sorry it’s been so long between updates. We’ve had a bit of a mess here that we’re still cleaning up, thanks to that pesky tornado. And by pesky, I mean “utterly devastating”. But I’m okay, most of my friends here are getting back on their feet, and we’ll get through it as best we can.  Here’s hoping all of you are okay, too!

4-3-11: Tick-tock-tick-tock! Tuesday’s the day, folks! My Gigolo will be out in print (though I think it’s shipping already if you preordered)! Eeee! I’m hoping to stop by a couple of local shops to see if they’re cool with me signing a few copies. Here’s hoping for good sales! Yay!

3-4-11: Okay, so it looks like My Gigolo’s print release date is April 5. Get those hands ready to hold some pages, people! Whee!

1-26-11: Holy crap, it’s 2011! Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, just finished and sent off the galley edits for My Gigolo. Woot! One step closer to that print publication, folks! Look for it the first week of April. I’ll have an exact date soon, I hope. Wheee!

10-25-10: Because it’s October, which is always a much more fun month than December, I’ve decided to group all of my Undead Christmas lyrics onto one page. Go check it out! Just about as much fun allowable by morality.

10-21-10: Aaaaannnnnd…we’re back! Sorry for the site downtime, folks. I am, indeed, a bad Geeb. However, stuff’s back up, and stuff’s in the works! Keep your fingers crossed for me for non-writing stuff so I can focus my attention back where it belongs…on the next story! Yay!

9-5-10: Sorry for the dearth of updates lately, folks. I’m a bad, bad Geeb. However, I do have some awesome-sauce news for you: Dear Author reviewed My Gigolo and gave it a whopping big fat B! Yay! Go read!

8-27-10: Oklahoma! is going great. We broke records for ticket sales and attendence, and seriously, what’s better than that? Good comments all around, and I’ve been told several times that I play the aunt everyone wishes they had. Isn’t that nice? Awww….

7-5-10: Yay! I got the role of Aunt Eller in Oklahoma! and get to be in a community theater musical! Super sweet!

6-19-10: Yup, My Gigolo is now up for Book of the Week over at Whipped Cream! If you have the time, might you be kind and vote? Awesome!

6-14-10: Eeee! Another killer review, this time from Whipped Cream Reviews! Fern gives My Gigolo 5 cherries! Also, keep an eye out for the end of the week “best book” contest. They put up the five-cherry reviews for that week and have readers vote for which they liked best. Cream of the Whipped Cream crop, anyone? More details and linkage to come when the contest is up!

5-21-10: Soleil Noir gives My Gigolo an excellent and thoroughly entertaining review over at Black Sun Reviews. Whee! Thanks, Soleil!

5-21-10: Check out my guest post over at Coyote Con. I’ve always been kinda iffy on genre restrictions, so here’s my take. Give it a click?

5-20-10: Hilarity abounds in an interview with Soleil Noir. Give it a read!

5-15-10: Woo-hoo! My Gigolo is on the MBaM top ten! Thanks, everyone for putting me at #9! [Update: I spent some time at #7, so thanks again! You guys rock!]

5-11-10: Eeee! Today’s the day! My Gigolo is now available at Samhain’s My Bookstore & More site, at, at Books on Board, and will soon be up at FictionWise, etc. Yay!

3-30-10: According to the “Coming Soon” page over at Samhain Publishing (link in sidebar), My Gigolo should release May 11. Whee! That’s just around the corner, what with how fast this year is disappearing. Can’t wait!

3-1-10: Yay! I got final approval on the cover art for My Gigolo! Go check it out on the Upcoming page. There’s also a link to the excerpt on Samhain’s website. Woo-hoo!

1-24-10: Eee! Final edits done on My Gigolo: The Care and Feeding of a Male Prostitute! It’s crazy, but it’s actually happening. All we need now is a cover and a release date!

1-7-10: First update of the new year, and it’s to woot about turning in my first-round edits on My Gigol0! Yup, that first hurdle to a complete work has been cleared. Hopefully, I’ll have a cover to show off, soon, but if it comes to a choice between rushing it to show off and it taking a while to come up with a great cover, I’ll take the great cover. Heheh.

12-12-09: Remember, book signing with my beloved sister at the hometown library later today! As far as I know, it’ll be 10-2, and we’re bringing goodies, so bring your appetite and our books!

12-4-09: Just finished the cover art questionnaire for My Gigolo! May 2010 is getting closer every day, isn’t it? Woot!

11-16-09: Our wonderful editor, D.L. King, just sent links to two reviews for The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica. The first is here. The second spans two days, here and here. My good friend Anna Black gets very good press, and I get fun adjectives like “delightful” and “deft”. I love being delightful and deft.

10-22-09: Just heard from our esteemed editor, D.L. King, that Cleis Press has all but sold out of its first run of The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica. How cool is that? They’re planning another run, so no worries if you’ve ordered and haven’t received yet. It also means that the ones I bring to the library signing with my beloved sister should be hot off the presses. Ha!

10-4-09: Stop by our journals for Anna Black’s article and my article on select aspects of the vampire mythology in celebration and promotion of our stories in The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica!

10-1-09: Today’s the official release date of The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica! In celebration, my friend Anna Black (also published in the anthology) and I are cross-posting interesting articles about vampires on our journals Sunday, 10-4-09. Links will follow on the date, but definitely stop by. Anna is a true professional when it comes to such articles, and I always learn something fascinating from her!

9-24-09: Just got confirmation from my beloved sister on the date of our joint booksigning at the St. Clair County Library. Osceola is our hometown, and we both spent many happy hours perusing those shelves in your youth, so we look forward to stopping back in for a chat and some scribbling on December 12, 2009.

9-22-09: The release date for The Sweetest Kiss got moved up! Woot, it’s available now! Order from the publisher, from Amazon, or from Barnes&Noble, or anywhere you like. It should also be in brick-and-mortar stores near you. Have fun!

8-18-09: Got an official date on the publishing calendar! Come May 2010, My Gigolo will be out in e-book form. Ten months after that, it’s print, baby!

8-10-09: Woot! Samhain Publishing is offering me a contract on a book! Details to come, hopefully sooner than later. The working title has always been My Gigolo: The Care and Feeding of a Male Prostitute, but we’ll see how that holds up in the publishing process. It’s hilarious…but wordy. Heh.

8-09-09: Check this out! My G.B. Kensington short story, “Fair Play”, will be available in the The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica anthology come October. Here it is at, though it’s also available at Barnes&Noble and elsewhere.

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