As promised, here are a few Free Reads for you to enjoy. I’ll add to the list periodically.

We aim to please!

The Office Mercenary The Office Mercenary

A dark comedy about the perils of office work. Read at your own risk!

NeedIcon Need

This is what happens when the needs of the body overwhelm the strictures of the mind. Warning: smutty!

Swelter Swelter

Crazy with the heat, man. That says it all.

2 Responses to “Free Reads”

  1. TLD Says:

    Came across your blog through Facebook. You know I will be subscribing to your feed.

    • gutterballgt Says:

      Sweet! I really need to get a couple more free reads up. *sheepish* Life happens, and sometimes it happens when you least expect it. Oi!

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