Contest Winner!

And the winner of the harem job contest is… Shelby Rollins! She’ll receive a signed copy of Lone Wolf Mates soon!

She suggested a space gardener, which really is the most important part of any space crew. You may or may not need to fight. You may or may not need a navigator.

You WILL need to eat!

Check in again for more contests and fun. I’m currently preparing for the Literary Love Savannah writer conference in July, but writing every day!

Find Lone Wolf Mates here:

Latest Release Fun!

In honor of my latest release, Lone Wolf Mates, I’m holding a little conversation. A contest, really.

Oh, hell. A free signed paperback to whoever gives the most creative, fun answer. If there are too many fun ones, I’ll just draw a random number for the winner.

So, what’s the game? I’ve written a lot of different jobs for my harem guys. Bounty hunters, private eyes, photographers, even a conservation agent. I have a space RH where all the guys hold on-ship positions like engineer and navigator and pilot, etc. I love it when the guys have a job and then BOOM… they have a woman that puts that job second place.

I have an upcoming fic where the guys are an FBI agent, a CIA agent, and an ATF agent. I can’t wait for that one. It’s about a water goddess, and there will be so many “Stop, please, that sound makes me have to pee!” jokes, because I am a child and easily amused.

So what’s your favorite job idea for harem members? I want space port janitors. I want middle management gods-in-hiding. I want mutant Congresspeople–

Er… okay, that one was already done back in an old X-Men movie. But you get the idea. Reply with your favorite RH jobs that get sidetracked for the lady fair, and one of you will win a signed copy of Lone Wolf Mates!

Hit me with your best shot!

Odds and Ends

Thanks to help from my beloved sister, Joely Sue Burkhart, I managed to get a Coming Soon page going. Woo-hoo! That feels a little better.

I love my tree, the colors are nice, and I’m able to update pages as I need to, I think. Website is officially updated. You guys can see what I’m up to, and I can push out updates and post snippets, and we’re all good!

What I’m mostly focused on right now is LLS, a writer’s conference in Savannah, Georgia. This will be the first conference I attend as a writer, and I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to see how much fun we have there! I’m a little nervous, but I’ve been to one con as a reader, so I’m hoping it won’t be all that different. Joely and I will be doing several things together, and I have one event, the Book Tea, that I’ll be doing on my own.

And the big Saturday book sales and signings! Eeeee! Meets and greets galore!

Maybe some of you will be there? Or maybe next year!

That’s a little better…

It’s prettier, anyway, and has all my latest books in the bookshelf. I’m still tinkering with what sorts of pages I need to add. I’m thinking of adding one for each book so you can click to the blurb and maybe a snippet, something like that.

As you can tell, I’m learning on the fly. Web design is so not my thing! I can’t get a page layout that I like for a “coming soon” page, so I think I’ll just title any blog posts where I talk about upcoming projects as COMING SOON. I’ll just need to be consistent, heh.

Until then, I’ll try to do updates and treat this section like a blog. Snippets of current works, speculation on future projects, moaning about the writing, all that sort of thing. Deal? Deal!

Under Construction

Hello all! Given that my bookshelf is expanding, I’ve decided to update my website to keep up with the times. Thus, it’ll be a little rough around here until I get things in order.

Bless this mess?

I’m the mess. The mess is me. Bear with me!