Hokay. Soh.

So the big things I mentioned in that previous post? They happened. I’ve moved to the country, where I’ve been wanting to be for a few years now. It finally happened. Everything just lined up and BOOM. Country Me was born.

I’m so freaking excited. I have a whole new Hobbit Hole house. I can finally unpack all my books and decide what to keep and what to donate. I can spread out all my movies. I can have a couch! And a chaise, dahlink!

But my favorite thing of all is my closet wall. It’s a whole wall with a closet on either side and a built-in chest of drawers in the middle. It’s glorious. I designed it myself and my dad, brilliant carpenter that he is, built it for me. He pretty much built the whole house himself, really.

He’s 75 years old. Seriously.

But anyway, I’m here, and I’m ready to get focused on getting this third book in the trilogy done. I’ll be unpacking for a while, but if I can just keep zooming with my beloved sister most nights, I should be done in no time. Especially when I reach that tipping point where I can almost taste the end and just want to write write write get it done done done.

Almost there. Getting close. There has to be some sex first. Sigh.

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