Hello, all!

Two out of three books in the snarky vampire trilogy are done! Woot woot! And I’m already working on the third! Yay!

It’s been a crazy few weeks. Maybe a crazy month. Big things are afoot that I’m hoping will really help put me in my best place to be productive and prolific. Everyone keep their fingers crossed. I hate to be cryptic (that’s a lie; I love being cryptic), but I daren’t say anything just yet and risk jinxing it.

Just… cross all the things. Fingers. Toes. Arms. Legs. Eyes. Streets.

But not Chuck Norris. No one crosses Chuck Norris and survives.

More detail soon, I hope!


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Hello, lovelies! Welcome to the humble home of Molly Burkhart, author of shenanigans and jill of all trades.

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