Okay, so COVID didn’t kill me, but it certainly didn’t make me stronger. I did, however, manage to write not one but TWO books since last I updated! That’s right, folks. I wrote a duology for your reading entertainment, both holiday-based.

The first is His Monstrous Web, which is a Halloween/fall-based story about a girl and her apple-selling, farmer’s market crush… who happens to be a shifter who turns into a giant black widow spider every full moon. And she’s afraid of spiders. So that’s fun.

The sequel is His Christmas Web, which you can probably tell is the asked-for Christmas dinner at the spider’s family home in Upper Peninsula, Michigan. It’s jam-packed full of snowy shenanigans, so many vegetarian gourmet dinners, and festive cheer.

So I have been working, and even on the vampire story promised in the “coming soon” section of my website. It may, however, be a trilogy instead of a standalone. Sheepish. So it’ll still be a while before it’s ready. But I’m working on it!

And I’m eyeballing the space shifters story, too. Warily, but still.

Anyway! Love you all, and I hope you have a very happy rest of the holidays!


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Hello, lovelies! Welcome to the humble home of Molly Burkhart, author of shenanigans and jill of all trades.

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