Writing writing writing! And trying to get ready for LLS, which is next week! So exciting!

I’ve never taken a vacation in my adult life. Seriously. The closest thing was a trip to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii back in the year 2000 that I and my boyfriend at the time won. That’s it. That was my last vacation. 22 years ago.

So yeah, I’m a little excited. Was just telling my beloved sister that I’ve never had to craft an out-of-office message for my work email. Ha!

I dunno if I’ll be posting any pics from the con or not. I’m not actually much for pictures unless I’m in a theatre thing, but you never know. I’ll have all my shiny books lined up, and I’ll be in costume for at least one event–the Book Tea, for which I’m going Victorian–and you never know what other fun stuff might pop up. We’ll just have to see.

Until then, I’m gonna enjoy the ride and hope all goes well! And avoid the Savannah-in-July heat as best I can, because I am a delicate flower who wilts in direct sunlight. Mwahah!


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