Latest Release Fun!

In honor of my latest release, Lone Wolf Mates, I’m holding a little conversation. A contest, really.

Oh, hell. A free signed paperback to whoever gives the most creative, fun answer. If there are too many fun ones, I’ll just draw a random number for the winner.

So, what’s the game? I’ve written a lot of different jobs for my harem guys. Bounty hunters, private eyes, photographers, even a conservation agent. I have a space RH where all the guys hold on-ship positions like engineer and navigator and pilot, etc. I love it when the guys have a job and then BOOM… they have a woman that puts that job second place.

I have an upcoming fic where the guys are an FBI agent, a CIA agent, and an ATF agent. I can’t wait for that one. It’s about a water goddess, and there will be so many “Stop, please, that sound makes me have to pee!” jokes, because I am a child and easily amused.

So what’s your favorite job idea for harem members? I want space port janitors. I want middle management gods-in-hiding. I want mutant Congresspeople–

Er… okay, that one was already done back in an old X-Men movie. But you get the idea. Reply with your favorite RH jobs that get sidetracked for the lady fair, and one of you will win a signed copy of Lone Wolf Mates!

Hit me with your best shot!


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