Odds and Ends

Thanks to help from my beloved sister, Joely Sue Burkhart, I managed to get a Coming Soon page going. Woo-hoo! That feels a little better.

I love my tree, the colors are nice, and I’m able to update pages as I need to, I think. Website is officially updated. You guys can see what I’m up to, and I can push out updates and post snippets, and we’re all good!

What I’m mostly focused on right now is LLS, a writer’s conference in Savannah, Georgia. This will be the first conference I attend as a writer, and I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to see how much fun we have there! I’m a little nervous, but I’ve been to one con as a reader, so I’m hoping it won’t be all that different. Joely and I will be doing several things together, and I have one event, the Book Tea, that I’ll be doing on my own.

And the big Saturday book sales and signings! Eeeee! Meets and greets galore!

Maybe some of you will be there? Or maybe next year!


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Hello, lovelies! Welcome to the humble home of Molly Burkhart, author of shenanigans and jill of all trades.

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