That’s a little better…

It’s prettier, anyway, and has all my latest books in the bookshelf. I’m still tinkering with what sorts of pages I need to add. I’m thinking of adding one for each book so you can click to the blurb and maybe a snippet, something like that.

As you can tell, I’m learning on the fly. Web design is so not my thing! I can’t get a page layout that I like for a “coming soon” page, so I think I’ll just title any blog posts where I talk about upcoming projects as COMING SOON. I’ll just need to be consistent, heh.

Until then, I’ll try to do updates and treat this section like a blog. Snippets of current works, speculation on future projects, moaning about the writing, all that sort of thing. Deal? Deal!


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Hello, lovelies! Welcome to the humble home of Molly Burkhart, author of shenanigans and jill of all trades.

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